Run Randomly sprinter

We don't want your data.

Data is retrieved from third party services but is not stored

When you choose to save a workout to a third-party service a token is granted for Run Randomly to retrieve and add workouts to your account. This is required so that your workouts can be synced into your account. We look for existing workouts to make sure that we add our workout to the correct place but never save the contents of workouts.

During the authentication process with a third-party service it may be impossible to avoid retrieving your profile information. This happens when the authentication response contains personal information like your email address. Run Randomly will never store this information on our servers. This information is immediately discarded by us as it is not necessary for adding a workout to your account.

Access tokens are stored temporarily

When you authenticate with a third-party service an access token is generated so that Run Randomly can act on your behalf. This token is stored for up to 24 hours so that when you come back to Run Randomly you can re-use the same session. After 24 hours this access token is discarded.

Access tokens are never used by background processes and are only used to add workouts to your third-party account.

Cookies are used for sessions only

Cookies are used to store your session id, which maps to a database record that will contain the access token for any services you have connected. No cookies that are not required for the functionality of Run Randomly are used.

Sentry is used for error reporting and performance monitoring

A third-party service called Sentry is used for error reporting and performance monitoring. Your IP address and browser information will be shared with Sentry in order for this service to correctly operate. You can view Sentry's privacy policy for more information.

If you want more information please reach out to